sonny & hayle

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november 15, 2008 – our lady of consolacion parish linden suites u.p. bonsai garden the crazy month of november is halfway through. days start and end in front of the computer but still, i have blog post backlogs! =) as i post this latest video, allow me to apologize in advance for the delayed email […]

w@w videofest

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the first ever w@w videofest will happen on january 30, 2009 at rockwell power plant cinema 4. i am overwhelmed with mixed emotions right now and i’m still wearing the smile i had when i received benz’ invitation. kudos to oly and the whole metrophoto team for the wonderful pictorial. check out the teaser made […]

joema & cris

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november 8, 2008 – the archbishop’s palace astoria hotel PSE Auditorium i am not a morning person. actually, i rarely see the morning sun. either it’s just about to show up or it’s already scorching hot that you can’t even look at it anymore and the heat can only give skin cancer or, if youre […]

gilbert & sharon

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october 25, 2008 – the mango farm crowne plaza a beautiful garden wedding it was, that saturday afternoon. as expected, the place was flooded with tears even before the ceremony began. i remember the pastor giving gilbert a hand on raising sharon’s veil for their first kiss. =) check out the onsite video here.

bobby & andrea

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october 17, 2008 – our lady of lourdes canyon woods splendido taal, tagaytay city 00:00:00;00 – couple’s pictorial at splendido’s summit 00:00:58;28 – charlie wears his tux 00:01:01;00 – our glidetrack debuts! (sweeeeet!!! man) 00:01:21;00 – bobby (my fellow bosconian) , walks the walk 00:02:21:01 – the first dance 00:02:41:24 – the grand entrance 00:03:03;01 […]

fran’s debut

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that was some party fran threw for her 18th birthday. the place was rocking like mad the very first minute it began. it was way cooler than the prom i never had…urban dub performed more than five songs, i think, it was almost like a rock concert. man, oh, man…plus booze was all over the […]

benj & weng

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september 28, 2008 – nuestra seƱora de gracia ibarra’s garden hotel intercon time flies…i kept telling myself that i’d be posting a new entry in my blog tomorrow as deadlines pile up and stress is heightened every hour. my right hand is operating the printer, the other is all over my laptop while i read […]

arnie & mitch

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september 19, 2008 – national shrine of the sacred heart the mandarin hotel blue leaf i didn’t expect the impromptu meeting but working with paul and his team is always a great pleasure and a whole lot of fun. =) that said, and for the first time ever…(including the playback blog) i am posting a […]

raymond & genevieve

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september 6, 2008 – st. james the great(est) vivere suites the palms gieves was absolutely gorgeous standing in front of st. james’ entrance. her vintage wedding gown was totally breathtaking…just wow! =) it was some kinda time-stood-still moment and i was a witness. gen’s never been with me at st. james during a wedding and […]

hdv ready

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