bobby & elpha

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december 6, 2008 – basilica de san sebastian diamond hotel patio victoria i believe it was more than a year ago, we just upgraded our cameras to widescreen, i had the meeting with elpha. she was our very first client to get the widescreen package, and to my delight, i gave her a free projector! […]

roex & niña

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december 5, 2008 – fernbrook vivere the groom tried to hold back the tears but when the door opened, the beautiful moment was just too much to bear. the sight was not for the weak of heart and i am honored to capture it all on tape.

jeff and charlotte

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november 30, 2008 – san agustin church century park hotel right after the onsite video was played, i was summoned to the couples table by the bride and groom to tell me how much they loved the video. man, that feeling i had, no words can describe. it’s the kind of stuff i signed up […]

ian & dudai

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november 28, 2008 – santuario de san antonio ascott hotel blue leaf so young, so beautiful…check out the bride walk the walk in her mom’s wedding gown. =)

jay & ruby

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november 26, 2008 – mt. carmel shrine edsa sahngri-la fr. horan hall, mt. carmel it’s been a long time, more than a year to be exact, since i posted a 3d montage. no surprises there though as the special photo slideshow is only our second video of it’s kind. speaking of rare happenings, this post […]

nico & corinne – love story

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november 22, 2008 – fernbrook bellevue hotel here’s a story…the couple had a very interesting concept for a bachelor’s game…ten locks, ten keys, ten bachelors, ten bachelorettes, only one key can open a specific lock…see the picture?…i was behind one of my shooters giving some instructions when all of a sudden, i heard the emcee […]

mike & grace

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november 16, 2008 – fernwood garden edsa shangri-la hotel grace looked lovely that night and her cecilio abad gown was gorgeous. yet another grand occasion my team and i had the pleasure to be a part of. i have never seen st. francis of assisi’s chapel at fernwood filled with that much flowers. same can […]

sonny & hayle

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november 15, 2008 – our lady of consolacion parish linden suites u.p. bonsai garden the crazy month of november is halfway through. days start and end in front of the computer but still, i have blog post backlogs! =) as i post this latest video, allow me to apologize in advance for the delayed email […]

w@w videofest

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the first ever w@w videofest will happen on january 30, 2009 at rockwell power plant cinema 4. i am overwhelmed with mixed emotions right now and i’m still wearing the smile i had when i received benz’ invitation. kudos to oly and the whole metrophoto team for the wonderful pictorial. check out the teaser made […]

joema & cris

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november 8, 2008 – the archbishop’s palace astoria hotel PSE Auditorium i am not a morning person. actually, i rarely see the morning sun. either it’s just about to show up or it’s already scorching hot that you can’t even look at it anymore and the heat can only give skin cancer or, if youre […]