jeremy & rachel

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january 8, 2008 – fernwood on her carriage, roughly fifteen minutes before here entrance, i was having a great time talking with the lovely bride about, of all subjects, a hair salon at rockwell. haha, what the heck, her hair highlights were so good even i can’t resist not to ask. =) watch our first […]

jojo & calla (the fifth day after christmas…and it was the bomb!)

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december 30, 2008 – shrine of st. therese makati shangri-la sometimes it happens, you miss the opening of the doors, you miss the people in tears (of joy), you miss the littlest details you didn’t even know existed…perhaps you were a little nervous or maybe just too excited, whatever the reason is, the satisfaction of […]

ian & robee (the fourth day after christmas)

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december 29, 2008 – santuario de san jose crowne plaza our fourth stop on our five day marathon (another first!) was back in manila. we had the pleasure to work with another awesome couple who were all smiles on their big day. plus, like me, i am assuming that one of them is a beatles […]

uly & shiela (the third day after christmas)

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december 28, 2008 – tagaytay highlands we didn’t expect that tourism in tagaytay during the christmas season is at it’s peak. we were about to give up looking for a place to stay and return to manila until we stumbled upon a place at about 3 a.m. in the morning. lesson learned: call for reservation. […]

jet & raissa (the second day after christmas)

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december 27, 2008 – chapel on the hill hacienda isabela on the second day after christmas my true love gave to me…back to back tagaytay weddings! jet’s super sister, mrs. olga buan, was the one contacting me during the whole preparations. =) i did however, had the pleasure to meet the couple four days before […]

christopher & cheryll (the first day after christmas)

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december 26, 2008 – our lady of consolacion parish linden suites gazebo royale more than a month after purchase, my d90 finally debuts in this onsite video. it took me a little while to use it since i had to update my software and choose which lens will best suite my need. turns out, i’d […]

jaycee & candy

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malate church – december 22, 2008 g hotel patio victoria i knew the fun-loving and always cheerful jaycee’s gonna give as soon as the historic doors of the malate church opens and his wife walks down the aisle. she wass just freakishly gorgeous, candy was, on her wedding day, and still to this moment, i […]

ron & jossie

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blogging away from home is something i never thought i’d try…but what the heck, the only available time i get these days is the little break after finishing an onsite video or the trip to the john. =) the last stop to magallanes wasn’t as fun as the first two. not only was the sleeping […]

my christmas story

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(the following blog post was written at about 2 a.m. christmas morning) man this turned out to be the sweetest christmas! both my phones officially ran out of battery from all the messages i have received from friends. earlier today, i got myself a 50mm prime lens for the d90 and my very first chuck […]

franco & jamie

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december 19, 2008 – magallanes church the manila hotel jamie was pumped up like she was gina carano before an mma fight. franco was cool as ice…but when everybody was gone and the opportunity came…when all has left but the two of them, they kissed like they just got married (pun intended.) man, that’s how […]