wedding expo (march 7-8, 2009)

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we will be a part of the wedding expo philippines this coming weekend, march 7-8, 2009 at the PICC. see you there.

jojo & wen

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february 14, 2009 – archbishop’s palace discovery suites for the third time in the same number of years i found myself working on valentine’s day. =) i remember getting hold of the onsite song less than two hours before the ceremony and editing the entire sde at home. =)

tzu & dianne

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february 10, 2009 – calaruega i lost count how many days ago since i received the great news of us getting into this year’s w@w’s top ten suppliers and yet, i still can’t believe it. =) the feeling’s just not getting old! again, i thank all the w@wies who nominated us. i do hope to […]

we’re nominated!!!

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holy sh*t!!! it’s still sinking in…every hour or so, it hits me! we are very glad to inform everyone that we have been nominated for this year’s weddings at work’s “supplier of the year.” this is the biggest thing that’s every happened to us. i’m in freakin’ ecstacy!!! i’m lost for words. thanks to all […]

marco & dana

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february 7, 2009 – magallanes church discovery suites manila polo club back in december 2007, we had the pleasure of covering the wedding of pizza (dana’s sister) & jayson galura. =) as soon as they received their final video, i got a text message that i have been keeping in my celphone for a long […]

w@w videofest: the making

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wow! almost a week has passed but still i’m powerless to overcome the overwhelming emotions. i was scared. scared to watch how people will react as my work is played in the big screen. i was proud. proud to be a part of an elite group of people in my industry. i was excited. excited […]

steve & tina (the one with the bad case of amnesia…or perhaps too much facebook!)

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january 16, 2009 – st. james the great vivere the palms since day one i posted all the onsite videos that i made and never ever did i imagine that someday, somehow, i’m gonna miss one. well, almost, to the very least…i knew something was missing. haha. there was actually a little panic when i […]

arman & irene (shortest notice)

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january 24, 2009 – san sebastian church the diamond hotel thursday evening when i got the signal that we will indeed be a part of arman and irene’s wedding…less than fourty eight hours! can’t get any better than that. more than eighty five percent of the clips came from the nikon d90. =) i love […]

mars & leila

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january 17, 2009 – nuestra seƱora de gracia discovery suites wack wack country club with the d90 in my hand, i waited for the moment to happen. i can only hold the position long enough before my hands begin to wobble and the clip becomes totally useless. =) then, it happened…and the wait was totally […]

nelson & yna

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january 16, 2009 – st. pancratius chapel diamond hotel ramon magsaysay hall never have i experienced a bride so shy until yna. i was actually delighted everytime she smiles. good thing nelson was a natural in front of the camera (cam whore indeed.) special as it already is, what makes this video even more special […]