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black benz//mico & candy

destinaton wedding: transfiguration chapel, caleruega tagaytay
venue: nunez residence, royal pines west, tagaytay city
photo: paul vincent
makeup: gigi uson
couture: roselyn lagdameo

i’m often asked how long does it take for me to edit. truth be told, i’ll maximize every second available. no scripts, no formulas, everything on the spot edit. as the day goes by, the story of the video continuous to evolve into something almost one hundred percent different from the first cut when my team leaves the prep venue.

another frequently asked question is when is the best time to play the onsite video. well, whenever possible as long as one: the video is ready to be played, two: there are still people present to watch it and three: people are done asking you random stuff so they won’t do it while the video is being played!

2 thoughts on “black benz//mico & candy”

  • Hey Phoeben! Sorry not used to calling you Bim.. hehehe

    Whenever I look at onsite videos, the most placed comment is that the couple couldn’t help but watch the video on and on and on.. Of course at that time, I don’t really understand why. I mean, it’s a video!

    But now, I do.. All thanks to you and Gen. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Wonderful video and everyone loved it! Even our relatives who weren’t there felt that they were there!

    And even though I’ve watched it several times, I still look forward watching it again. I feel giddy watching it. thank you thank you thank you =)

  • hi candy, i am very glad to know that you enjoyed it. we had a lot of fun ourselves. congratulations and best wishes again to both of you. =)

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