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Better People / Charles & Suzanne

Better People / Charles & Suzanne

Holy Guacamole! I have this amazing video uploaded in my vimeo page for more than a week now and I feel so bad that I was unable to find time to post it on my blog yet. Looking back, it was two days before our flight to Ontario when this went up online and silly me for thinking that I can squeeze in blogging in between panic packing and other last minute boo-boos. As soon as we’re in Canada, well, you know, Niagara Falls and CN Tower happened plus jet lag kicked in but that story I’ll save for another day. I can throw in more lame excuses but truth be told, I really feel bad because I know that Charles and Suzanne’s wedding film is a total blast.

I loved the young couple’s beautiful exchange of vows. A little bit comic but heartfelt none the less. What I hated though was the fact that our couples are getting younger and younger (or perhaps I’m getting older but I prefer to think the latter.) The reception was just gorgeous with the eye-catching 8-foot wedding cake standing right by the entrance doors and 15-foot LED screens on both ends of the floor. I can get use to it, them LED screens, they make SDE’s more stunning and they give justice to meticulously color corrected clips. =)

We’re boarding now, off to Quebec City we go. I leave you with this Same Day Edit and I do hope that you like it. =)

Charles Choa & Suzanne Lim – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: Holy Trinity | Reception: NBC Tent | Couture: Zandra Lim | Coordinator: Christine Ong-Te

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