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Best Vows / Gelo & Kae

Best Vows / Gelo & Kae

There are hundreds of different personalities involved during the wedding day. Most of them I’ve never seen before. Almost all, if not all (I’m assuming,) are equally relevant to the lives of the marrying couple and thus play crucial part of the story about this momentous event that I am preserving. Yes you can say that some pictures may have been taken in the same angle, some shots identical from the one you’ve seen before, some stories may have unfolded quite like the previous one but still, no wedding day, no wedding film can ever possibly be the same simply because the characters are totally different. And to be absolutely honest, these characters make not just the film but the whole experience unique and interesting.

Gelo and Kae’s wedding is one for the books. We had a lot of beautiful exchanges of vows this past month alone but this young couple’s promises to each other in front of the altar stood out. Writing a beautiful vow is one thing. Delivering it, with all that pressure being in front of everyone is another and the latter is what matters. Gelo and Kae couldn’t have smoked it any better…until of course Gelo went “Annebisyosa” Anne Curtis-Smith (so effin’ near yet so effin’ far) on everyone and started singing which almost bummed me out (I’m kidding! No way Curtis-Smith is in the same league with my man Gelo.) =) I was shufflin’ ’til the very last available minute to get their story right, to preserve their day right, in the best possible way. See, I’ve never dealt with a groom with that kind of sugar level way beyond the norm like Gelo paired in what seemed like a bizarre plot twist to a refined leading lady that is Kae. One can only shake their head and tell themselves that opposites truly do attract and this pair make a wonderful combo.

Destination wedding: Chapel on the Hill, Tagaytay | Reception: Balai Indang, Indang Cavite | Photo: Jayson & Jo Anne | HMU: Chichi Sotomil | Couture: Cecilio Abad

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