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benj & weng

september 28, 2008 – nuestra seƱora de gracia
ibarra’s garden
hotel intercon

time flies…i kept telling myself that i’d be posting a new entry in my blog tomorrow as deadlines pile up and stress is heightened every hour. my right hand is operating the printer, the other is all over my laptop while i read an email from the computer in front of me and it’s a friggin’ sunday afternoon! my body clock has drastically changed as my sleeping time is moved to 7:30 a.m. so…tomorrow came two weeks after, when little by little, the memories of that lovely day are slowly fading away, here i am trying to helplessly gather my thoughts…just another day in the office…but i love my job nonetheless.

ok…so kix and his team were there, another pleasant surprise…it was my first time to meet the couple, weng and benj. she wore a beautiful gown. gen thought that she looks like kate winslet. i had some problems gliding that day, for some reason i don’t know…i met paul and his team doing their stuff for another wedding…it didn’t rain!..=)

here’s the video.

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