Banking on Anna

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Banking on Anna

It’s part of our weekly routine, my wife and mine and sometimes with our son in tow, to drop by our most trusted BPI branch for some banking transactions. I have been a client for pretty much my entire adult life and every visit lasts at least 15 minutes spending that time chatting with the friendly BPI Aurora branch employees. But somehow only my wife gets the “Preferred” ATM card and treatment and recently an Ayala Rewards Circle membership. I get umbrellas once in a while. I’m not sure what’s up with that but I’ll be asking about it for the nth time tomorrow.

If you’re not familiar, when you first enter the doors of the BPI branch, Anna (who happens to be the bride in this video,) is the first smiling face you’ll see along with Donna, her buddy (perhaps not smiling but equally charming.) They are the frontliners because they will sell you stuff – insurance, loans, investments etc. As for me, if they throw in my very much coveted free umbrella, I am buying! Imagine how many savings accounts I have…but only two umbrellas!

Anna knew about our wedding videography services when we requested bank documents to be used for Visa applications. So when she asked for our availability, even surprising us with a late night visit in our office, we felt a little awkward. Most of our couples become our friends through the duration of their wedding preparations. If we’re lucky, we get to keep them ’til we’re attending each other’s kid’s birthday parties. If we’re really really lucky, they get to treat us to lunch once in a while even if it means that we need to open a new savings account. =) In Anna’s case, well, we haven’t reached that really really luck part yet but I’m hoping it’ll happen soon after she reads this blog.

I have given up on that “preferred” card, no thanks to Anna but I am truly glad that she allowed us to be a part of that one special day in her life. Roby is quite a catch! I do have one more wish and that’s for her to get her Desktop computer upgraded from Windows 97 to at least Windows XP…best case scenario she gets a Mac.

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