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though limited by just screen grabs from the video project, the part i enjoy most during editing is creating the dvd menus mainly because of two reasons: one, i can express myself as i explore/learn more stuff about the very powerful adobe photoshop program and two, i know that i’m almost done with another wedding movie…here are some of the dvd menus i have in my collection. i spend at least one whole day to create a whole set. just click on the thumbnail to make it a little bigger. didn’t i tell you it’s “personalized?!” :)

joy_kat-main.jpg joy_kat-chapters.jpg mon_gladys-main.jpg mon_gladys-chapters.jpg citos-and-sally-main.jpg citos_sally-chapters.jpg garry_aileen-main.jpg gary_aileen-chapters.jpg morten_tiffany-main.jpg morten_tiffany-chapters.jpg  marlon_mapet-main.jpg marlon_mapet-chapters.jpg marlon_mapet-bonus.jpg myke_cathy-main.jpg myke_cathy-chapters.jpg myke_cathy-credits.jpg allan_paloma-main.jpg allan_paloma-chapters.jpg


  1. Pizza
    March 18, 2008

    Uy, these are all so great and cute! Makes me excited! :)

  2. Cris
    March 18, 2008

    Wow ganda! Parang nainip tuloy ako na mag-November.

  3. bert
    June 4, 2008


    I’m doing some home video for my friend, hope you can teach me how to do this menu.


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