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september 19, 2008 – national shrine of the sacred heart
the mandarin hotel
blue leaf

i didn’t expect the impromptu meeting but working with paul and his team is always a great pleasure and a whole lot of fun. =) that said, and for the first time ever…(including the playback blog) i am posting a picture of myself with gen, of course, and paul and ayvih from arnie and mtich’s partypicslive booth.

haha. as soon as i was done with the onsite video (which by the way has got some crazy glides and stars a beautiful couple,) i was outside waiting for my turn to get photographed and pulling some people to have their pictures taken with me. dang, i am a cam whore! here’s another picture of me with my team: gen, edward, erwin, aron. (i’m the hottie in blue stripes! yeah!!!) =)

download arnie and mitch’s onsite video here.


it has been a long but totally exciting week for me. all i can say about it is that i’ve got something cooking. i ain’t gonna tell just yet so stay tuned. =)


  1. gel caguioa
    September 24, 2008

    hmm.. siguro sa w@w party to :)

  2. kat
    September 25, 2008

    yipee! new sde. hehehe got me thinking. tell us naman what month that huge event. para may countdown din kami.


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