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arman & irene (shortest notice)

january 24, 2009 – san sebastian church
the diamond hotel

thursday evening when i got the signal that we will indeed be a part of arman and irene’s wedding…less than fourty eight hours! can’t get any better than that.

more than eighty five percent of the clips came from the nikon d90. =) i love it! speaking of which, the w@w videofest is just around the corner. we have prepared four videos that we shot in hd using (what else) the d90. man, i wish it’s friday already. =) see you at rockwell powerplant mall cinema 4.

6 thoughts on “arman & irene (shortest notice)”

  • nice!!!:D akalain mong may ganyan ka palang talent bimtot?? nice to see you and gen last 24 Jan…ang galing noh small world..akalain mong ikaw pala ang napiling videographer nina kuya arman at ate irene..:)

    em sho frawda yah!:D

  • hi bim! astig! less than 48 hrs lang and you managed to come up with this kind of video…
    we are indeed in good hands! =D

    gusto ko din ng nikon d90… naalala ko yung isang blog mo “think of what you could do with a few thousands kapag hindi ka ikakasal”…

  • Hi Bim! 1st time to leave a comment, although I’ve been visiting your site everyday,LITERALLY!!! :)

    I love this one..the music..the editing,everything!you did a good job!

    I just can’t wait to watch our own AVP,just what the previous poster said,I know we’ll be in good hands too! :)

  • ang galing. sa lahat ng napanood q na clips dis one ang pinaka astig.. yeboy!!
    keep it up dude.
    ang guwapo ng kuya arman..

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