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Ang Hamon / Jay & Karen

Ang Hamon / Jay & Karen

Father Eric Santos’ “Twenty-five years after” sermon never grows old. =) One’s life changes, almost always for the better, after marriage indeed. And no matter how fun and entertaining Father Eric tells it, there will be some serious surprises not for the weak of heart. My instinct tells me that Jay and Karen’s is the kind that will survive the test of time. No pressure though. Twenty four years from now I’ll be at my office waiting for their call. There’s a good chance that by then my kids will be leading the new set wedding filmmakers, but I’ll still be there because I don’t want to miss their witty impromptu exchange of personal vows. If I’m be lucky, I’d get to hear the story of that twenty five years in between. How cool would that be? =)
Jay Carreon & Karen Hortelano – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: San Agustin Church | Photo: Erron Ocampo | HMU: Chichi Sotomil

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