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aladin & jessele: back to zero

may 17, 2008 – malate church
manila pavillion
teatrillo intramuros

ten years (is it?) together is a very long time for a couple this young. as soon as she said those famous two words (in this case “opo padre!”) though, all those years are gone and the first day of the rest of their lives begins.

the reception started with one of the best first dance i have witnessed. everybody was hollering from start to finish, literally!!! i think i saw a ninong pumping his fists in the air like he was a young groomsman.

watch the onsite video and if you watch very closely, hopefully you’ll see my version of the “film” look is getting better. :)

10 thoughts on “aladin & jessele: back to zero”

  • Hi Bim,

    Many thanks… =)
    Ang ganda ng onsite video namin. Paulit-ulit naman pinapanood. Hehe…

    Je (& Al)

  • Hey Bim,

    Your site made me & my wife marry again.. Wonderful piece of work! We’ve seen some of the videos and its perfect. Professional indeed..

    Wish you all the best.. to You and Gen.

    Extend our regards to You, Gen and your Family. Ingats!

    Hope to see you guys again!

    Spencer & Family

  • Hi Bim,

    Asteeg, may naiiyak pa kapag napapanood itong onsite namin na ito. hehehe.

    Surprise kame sa naging output, Galing.. galing, it turns out to be the exact onsite video that we would like to have.

    with the instrumental and voice-over combination effect nung important parts nung ceremony…. lalong naging classic. ^_^

    sa uulitin.. hehehe.
    more power!!

    thanks thanks..


  • Bim, maraming salamat din… Ayos din pala yung mga iba mong video.. sana matutunan ko ren yung mga techniques mo? hehe Keep it up!

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