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New Perspective (Aerial Videography)

New Perspective (Aerial Videography)

Mckinley Jon Sy and Andrea Cara Ong
Ceremony: Santuario de San Antonio
Reception: Sofitel Manila
Gown: Zandra Lim-Imasa
Photo: Bobby delos Santos
HMU: Lindsay Co-Alog
Coordination: Getting Married by Kutchie Zaldarriaga
Full event coverage with aerial videography by PTV

Weddings, for the past few years, have become more sophisticated than ever before. From makeup artists to reception hosts; from photo and video documentation to event styling; even the littlest things like wedding giveaways and photo booths, things just seemed to be too fancy and understandably more expensive. As part of the growing wedding suppliers in a very, may I say, luxurious industry, I experience this huge pressure of upping the ante ever so often as this so called evolution continues. This said, enter aerial videography.

Here’s my piece.

I appreciate the beauty and the perspective that aerial videography provides. I enjoy my new (and very expensive) new toy but I’m not a big fan. It’s a huge liability. Versus the price that you offer for it (free), totally not worth it. It’s complicated. It requires a lot of time to practice and come wedding day you won’t get to use it because it’s raining or it’s very windy or worse, you need a permit to fly it. It’s very expensive. In addition to the actual unit, you’re required to get a GoPro, extra batteries, extra propellers, gimbal, monitor. Worse, you’ll get addicted and get another (supposedly an upgrade e.g. hexa or octocopter) unit. I did! It’s high risk. I fly my DJI Phantom for give or take thirty minutes each event and I get to use ten seconds of aerial videography footage. Over doing it, in my opinion, makes it less special. But man oh man when done right it looks so darn good (I truly feel I hit some money shots with my Seattle wedding video!)

Initially, I have no plans of getting a drone. Then it happened. Everybody started getting one and everyone started wanting aerial videography shots for their video. Eventually, I felt the pressure and gave in. Currently, I’ve been at it for my past four events and so far so good. I practice still and I feel like I’m getting better. Don’t get me wrong, for all the reasons that I mentioned I still don’t like it. I’m doing it to make more awesome videos, risking it to (like them commercialized clowns say) serve you better.

Enough of aerial videography and more of Mckinley and Andrea’s wedding. I remember the couple dropping by our booth at the wedding expo earlier this year to give us a Maneki-neko (look it up.) During the wedding day, they were giving out yummy Eng-Bee-Tin hopia packs. Man, they just love giving presents! I believe I’ve covered everything in their SDE. This includes the couple’s newly-built house, the beautiful first dance, the wonderful reception set-up and a few aerial shots. By the way, the couple didn’t know about my drone until the groom bumped into me as I was setting it up outside the church. =)

Amidst all the sophistication in wedding film-making technology, including aerial videography, I wish people will still appreciate the story telling for every video that we make. It is after all what we work hard for. It is after all what matters most. =)

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