International Wedding Videographer

Mrs. Boy Panadero

Mrs. Boy Panadero

Bryan Marasigan & Christine Alojado
Ceremony: St. Benedict Church, Nuvali
Reception: The Monochrome Nuvali
Photo: Paul Vincent Photography
Coordinator: Camille Yamio
Aerial video footage taken with DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 4 Black

Bryan and Teen’s wedding SDE is filled with extra-ordinary aerial video clips and breath-taking slow-motion footages. Mostly technical stuff only high tech equipment can produce. Of course one’s imagination, the artist’s perception per se, that makes these extraordinary moving images meaningful. It may not look like it but most of the time, there’s a story behind the shot.

During the couples pictorials, just after the wedding ceremony, I decided to take aerial video shots of the couple walking out of the beautiful St. Benedict church. I had limited time so I knew I needed to be done in five minutes. As I was about to take another take of the bird’s eye view shot, my friend Paul Vincent suggested that I pull the drone out of this tight opening in between two pillars and above the vintage bridal car. To cut the story short, I got this impressive aerial video clip without paying property damages. =)

The story behind the wedding is another story. I’ve met Bryan before but we became somewhat closer to each other during the preparations of his wedding with Teen. There have been major changes and life altering events in between the couples wedding preps. Teen’s mom who was a huge part of putting together this wedding sadly didn’t make it to the big day.

It is rare that we get to shoot and include pre-wedding footages in our SDE but we loved how it turned out. We should do this more often! This emotionally powerful video is filled with just enough dose of laughter, tears and behind-the-scene controversy!

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