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500 days before the wedding//jerick & tanya

tom and summer talking
Tom: You never wanted to be anybody’s girlfriend, and now you’re someone’s wife?
Summer: I woke up one morning and I just knew.
Tom: Knew what?
Summer: What I was never sure of with you.

(later in the same dialogue exchange)

Summer: Well, you know, I guess it’s ’cause I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Gray and a guy comes up to me and asks me about it and… now he’s my husband.
Tom: Yeah. And… so?
Summer: So, what if I’d gone to the movies? What if I had gone somewhere else for lunch? What if I’d gotten there 10 minutes later? It was – it was meant to be. And… I just kept thinking… Tom was right.
Tom: No.
Summer: Yeah, I did.
Summer: I did. It just wasn’t me that you were right about.

it was the best dialogue exchange ever. the delivery of the lines are just how it was supposed to be – sweet and simple but painful nonetheless. i was left heartbroken and i friggin’ dig it. this is the kind of sh*t i paid to see. the original film was so good that i ended up watching it again during the preproduction for this avp.

it was supposed to be a simple photo montage but i had other ideas. when jerick and tanya threw in the 500 days of summer concept, flashes of my forrest gump and usual suspects parody came back. i was very glad to do one again. very glad, actually, that i had the opportunity to do this parody with a couple who were ready to do anything i’d ask them to do and provided me with more than what i needed (location/props/acting/singing-wise) during production. i just wish i saw the reaction of their guests after this video was played.

make sure to grab a popcorn before you play this video the second time around.

if you liked this and you are up to dancing like nobody’s watching or sing like you’re the only one in the room…if you can act like you’re kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio…throw me the title of your favorite movie, i’ll write you the script and let’s make you a hollywood film rip-off. we’ll change the titanic ending into one happily ever after!

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