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kendrick & rea: supah papalicious

oasis – april 6, 2008
linden suites ortigas

she’s crazy. she almost made my good friend paul vincent cry because of her constant mockery; she put my main man jayson arquiza in tremendous pressure, pushing him to the limit; she even made me tear down the cheque she paid me!!! but if you were there and you saw her in tears while she walked down the aisle, you’ll find yourself whispering finally, the mad woman is under control you’ll feel it for a while, as it unfolds right in front of your eyes, the beautiful moment rea and ken has been waiting for all their lives. :) check out their onsite video plus visit jayson’s blog and check out the first dance that brought the house down.

4 thoughts on “kendrick & rea: supah papalicious”

  • You MEANIE!!! I dunno what is more funny, you saying Paul was driven to tears (si Paul???????????), or the part about asking you to tear the check. Why wouldn’t I ask you to do that, eh sabi mo free na lahat. And seeing my smile was worth it na. HAHAHA!!! Lagot ka sa reviews ko… All new clients I refer, 10% ha? =) Deal?

  • haha…”crazy” rea na talaga ha…sige, lahat ng galing kay crazy rea na client, may 10% ka. :) hahaha. regards kay ken. :)

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