International Wedding Videographer

2nd-day-sary//karl & jill

destination wedding: asya premier boracay/photography: terry uy/coordination: amanda tirol

3 days, 10 hours of sleep, 830 kilometers by land and an hour of air travel after, i was greeted by a cloudy boracay morning. instantly, i was home. it was the last of the three-day destination wedding marathon. i’d be lying if i’d say wasn’t exhausted but heck, this is what i signed for!

here’s a list of firsts:
first boracay onsite video (second boracay wedding)
first wedding in asya premier (we had the pleasure to cover the first wedding at this breathtaking venue)
first time working with the beautiful amanda tirol

the fourth installment of the epic boracay videos we made during our impromptu vacation is finally here. and yeah, i almost fogot, we went there to make this video (not the other three!) hold on to your seats and get ready to be blown away!

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