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2012 is not the end of the world | DJ & Jovy

2012 is not the end of the world | DJ & Jovy

three days into my three-week vacation, the longest since i began wedding filmmaking in 2007, i find myself in front of the computer and technically working as i blog about this wedding film we made a little over two weeks ago.

it was sticky hot in pampanga and summer has just kicked in. the bride’s make-up room was filled with laughter and crazy stories about dj and jovy’s love story. the best version perhaps and hands down the most amusing, was told by none other than the bride’s father. the beautiful soundtrack from kina grannis chosen by the couple themselves complemented their well-written vows. oh and i just need to mention, we had the best sisig served during lunch time, dj my man, you have got to give me the number of your supplier! =)

this was filmed twenty four hours before our wedding in australia, another film to watch out for. in the meantime, enjoy this one. =)

Dj Yabut & Jovy Pena – Same Day Edit | Destination Wedding: Chancery Chapel, San Fernando Pampanga | Reception: Lakeshore Pampanga

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