vincent and mheann: plane ticket

san agustin church – april 27, 2008 hyatt hotel the coconut palace it was eight in the morning and i was sitting at an airport an hour away from manila tapping my head with my fingers. i just had less than a couple hours of sleep the night before and everything was in slow motion. …

sherwin & gladd: saving for the rainy day

transfiguration chapel – april 19, 2008 calaruega, tagaytay their concept got me smiling…somewhere between the story, i found myself in the exact same situation doing the exact same thing…or maybe not really “exactly”…but you’ll know what i mean once you’re done watching sherwin and gladd’s love story.

pj + jo = potato chips

the greenery bulacan – awesome; the couple – awesome; the video team – awesome(…as always); kix’s photo team -…could’ve been better…(haha! what? i thought you guys don’t read the blog?!)… i’mkidding, i’m kidding…kix and his team has always been superb! check out the save-the-date video we made for the couple.

kendrick & rea: supah papalicious

oasis – april 6, 2008 linden suites ortigas she’s crazy. she almost made my good friend paul vincent cry because of her constant mockery; she put my main man jayson arquiza in tremendous pressure, pushing him to the limit; she even made me tear down the cheque she paid me!!! but if you were there …

mark & tina: long way around

santuario de san jose – april 5, 2008 edsa shangri-la hotel i was taking a nap every opportunity i got. literally. on the way to the church; back to the hotel; waiting for the cue to play the onsite video; man, i just had a couple and a half hours of sleep the night before. …