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12 Year Old’s Dream / Lawrence & Charissa

12 Year Old’s Dream / Lawrence & Charissa

The rain had the worst timing. Soaking from the recent couple’s pictorial, two of my shooters handed me their footage as they reported that it was a quick one. And yet, they added, they might’ve captured a couple of interesting perspectives that they wouldn’t have gotten if it wasn’t pouring. =) It totally made my day knowing these kids learned well, making what some may say a disadvantage work for us, making better output even! After all, at this time of they year getting wet is part of the job.

What I specifically loved about Lawrence and Charissa’s rainy wedding was their handcrafted props and DIY’s that was all over the place (no pun intended for the wedding planners late arrival/early exit) and them beautiful cotton candy-like rainbow colored bridesmaids. Nobody really seemed to be bothered by the bad weather, except perhaps my wife’s new pair of shoes. Sonya’s Gardens’ resident golden retriever even made a cameo during the single’s game riot. If not for other commitments, I would’ve stayed for the couple’s after party and burned the house down with my sick dance moves all night!

Lawrence Bersales & Charissa Dumaraos – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: Transfiguration Chapel, Calaruega | Reception: Sonya’s Garden | Photography: Paul Vincent Photography | HMU: Angie Cruz & Ogie Rayel | Couture: Joel Escober

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